SharePoint 2010 related service gets disabled every hour

Today I was facing several PowerPivot workbooks that could not refresh data in a virtualized environment. After checking the database hosting the data and couldn't find any permission or connectivity issues I turned to Analysis Services. I checked and the SQL Server Analysis Services service was disabled. No problem. I set it to Automatic startup and started the service. It was working like a charm but after a while I got the same error as before. I went back and noticed that the service is disabled again. I enabled it again but after a while it was disabled again. What I noticed was that it got disabled every hour. I googled for the problem and found an article here, where the same thing happened with the Project Server Queue Service. It turned out that the SP Health rule "One or more services have started or stopped unexpectedly" due to a bug disables random services at the hourly run. The only fix for this issue is to disable the automatic repair functionality of this rule.

For me it solved the issue.

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