When entering edit mode page hangs on Loading...; Edit mode never appears


If the page originally contained Excel Web App webparts that were referencing Excel documents that have been removed from SharePoint.


When the user attempts to edit the page the WebParts will be unable to open the .xlsx spreadsheets, but no high-level warning or exception gets generated in the ULS, and no feedback is provided for the user.


The solution is to either edit the webpart to point to a different (existing) document, or to enter Maintenance Mode on the Page Properties and remove the faulting webparts through there. After the webParts are removed edit mode starts working again.

Sitepages redirects to default.aspx

​Its because the Home.aspx (may be another page in your case) is set as a welcome page for the library root folder. Below should fix it

$web = Get-SPWeb "http://site"
$list = $web.Lists["Site Pages"]
$rootfolder = $list.RootFolder
$rootfolder.WelcomePage = "Forms/AllPages.aspx"
Write-Host $list.RootFolder.WelcomePage

Project site associations do not appear after Project instance migration

Thi issue is caused by the database restore. When restoring the database the associated server for the project site does not get rewritten. Due to the query SharePoint performs only sites with the correct server UID will be associated to projects.

To fix this the Server UID will have to be updated in the [MSP_PROJECTS] table.

To update the project site associations run the following query on the database:

update  [!!INSTANCENAME!!_Published].[dbo].[MSP_PROJECTS] SET wsts_server_uid = 'UID'

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