Additions to this Web site have been blocked - error message when you check user permissions

I came across this issue a few days ago where all users with Full Control privileges seemed to have lost their elevated privileges on a specific site collection in a SharePoint 2010 farm. They were unable to add users to a group or make any kind of changes. It turned out that a site collection backup failed and it set a read-only lock on the site collection. After removing the lock everything went back to normal.

Project Server 2010 requires at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 7" when visiting Project Web Access 2010 with Internet Explorer 7.0 or above

‚Äč1. This will happen when you also have one of below third-party browsers open:


When these third-party browsers are open, they will be included in UserAgent in HTTP request which is sent to Project Web Access. If Project Server finds these browsers in UserAgent, it will throw the error message: "Project Server 2010 requires at least Micorosft Internet Explorer 7"

Resolution: close third party browsers

2. Set the browser mode of IE 10 to run in compatibility mode. To do so, either click on Tools > F12 developer tools in the toolbar, or click on the settings icon and choose F12 developer tools.

Move-SPUser or stsadm -o migrateuser fails with "Value cannot be null"

I ran into an issue with the migrateuser stsadm command. When I tried to run it using the Farm Admin account I got a "Value cannot be null" response. I searched for a solution and came across the following article:

The solution for this issue in our case was to run the command with the Farm account.

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