Project site associations do not appear after Project instance migration

Thi issue is caused by the database restore. When restoring the database the associated server for the project site does not get rewritten. Due to the query SharePoint performs only sites with the correct server UID will be associated to projects.

To fix this the Server UID will have to be updated in the [MSP_PROJECTS] table.

To update the project site associations run the following query on the database:

update  [!!INSTANCENAME!!_Published].[dbo].[MSP_PROJECTS] SET wsts_server_uid = 'UID'

Web part error on Project Detail Pages after a 5 database Project Server instance restore from a different environment

 You may encounter web part issues on various Project Detail Pages after a 5 database restore from another environment on Project Server 2010. If you look at the ULS logs you may find the below entries:

Web Part Exception Unique ID: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.     at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.WebParts.ProjectFieldPartBase.GatherAndLoadCFList(Boolean bForceRefresh)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.WebParts.ProjectFieldPartBase.RebindGrid(Boolean forceRefresh)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.WebParts.ProjectFieldPartBase.PWA_OnLoad(EventArgs e)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.WebParts.PWAResiliencyPart.OnLoad(EventArgs e)

In various cases it means that during the provisioning of the databases the Project Server Service Application failed to update the value of the PWAURL. Below you can find the steps to check and update the value:

$Web = get-SPWeb http://<servername>/<PWAInstance>

$Web.AllProperties | Format-Table

Check the PWAURL variable. If the returned value is too long and the result is trimmed run the below command:

$Props = $Web.AllProperties


Check the results. If the result is not the URL of the new instance you can change it using:
$Web.AllProperties[“PWAURL”]=”NEW PWAInstance URL


Project Server 2010 requires at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 7" when visiting Project Web Access 2010 with Internet Explorer 7.0 or above

‚Äč1. This will happen when you also have one of below third-party browsers open:


When these third-party browsers are open, they will be included in UserAgent in HTTP request which is sent to Project Web Access. If Project Server finds these browsers in UserAgent, it will throw the error message: "Project Server 2010 requires at least Micorosft Internet Explorer 7"

Resolution: close third party browsers

2. Set the browser mode of IE 10 to run in compatibility mode. To do so, either click on Tools > F12 developer tools in the toolbar, or click on the settings icon and choose F12 developer tools.

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